Inside and Out, Top to Bottom
Friday, June 8, 2012 at 12:49PM
Patina Staff in Arrowhead, design, modern

- Arrowhead project 2012

This is a project that will be completed in three stages.

Stage one: The new look

New lights, moldings, new trim on all the windows and doors, complete with new wood and white wash on the vaulted ceiling, then we’ll give everything a fresh coat of paint. Paint is key. There’s nothing like brightening up a room with new colour; it’s like getting a haircut. The old ‘do’ was okay, but the new ‘do’ sharpens the look!

Stage two: Floors and ceilings

Remove all carpeting, install radiant heated tile floors throughout the unit, and replace carpeting in all of the bedrooms. If you ask me, happy feet = happy home. Heated flooring is pleasant on the toes and not to mention a proven energy saver.

Stage three: Bathrooms and finishing touches

Gut the bathrooms to the studs, build a double walk-in master shower with rain and hand-held showerheads, install a new tub in the guest bathroom, repair, repaint and re-use all of vanities. Not every renovation needs all new; re-using items that are in good shape help keep costs down and preserve some of the original feel of the home.

We’ve chosen grays and whites for this project. Our goal is to bring the unit into the now with a more modern and mature finish. We want to maintain its original Whistler charm but upgrade it with a classic look that won’t go out of style.

Here’s an inside look!


All of the old furniture and appliances are being donated to The Re-Use-It Centre and Union Gospel Mission.


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